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            The Impossible Row Makes Landfall in Antarctica

            Twelve days after departing from Cape Horn, Chile, the Ohana reached Antarctica.

            December 27, 2019
            By: Discovery

            So close!

            The Ohana in the homestretch.

            Jumping off the rowboat.

            The Impossible Row crew stands after rowing to Antarctica. From left: Andrew Towne, Cameron Bellamy, John Petersen, Colin O’Brady, Fiann Paul, Jamie Douglas-Hamilton.

            Colin O'Brady is overjoyed to touch land after 12 days of rowing.

            Making the impossible, possible.

            All in.

            The end of an incredible journey.

            Oars up! From left: Fiann Paul, John Petersen, Colin O'Brady, Jamie Douglas-Hamilton, Cameron Bellamy, Andrew Towne.

            Time to celebrate! Back from left: Cameron Bellamy, John Petersen, Colin O'Brady, Andrew Towne, Jamie Douglas-Hamilton, Fiann Paul. Front: Jenna Besaw.

            Colin O'Brady stands with the rowboat Ohana in the background.

            The Impossible Row team stands with the Ohana in Antarctica. From left: Fiann Paul, Colin O'Brady, Andrew Towne, Jamie Douglas-Hamilton, Cameron Bellamy, John Petersen.

            First couple of adventure, Jenna Besaw and Colin O'Brady stand in Antarctica after completing The Impossible Row.

            The Ohana taking a rest after traveling 600 miles across the Drake Passage.

            After the adventure. From left: Andrew Towne, Cameron Bellamy, Colin O'Brady, John Petersen, Fiann Paul, Jamie Douglas-Hamilton.

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